Every resident has access to the design studio and fabrication workshop, with your own desk and fast wifi.  A cosy living room and kitchen, a projector for movie nights and three cats to cuddle. Be an alien and embrace flexibility, collaboration and a creative lifestyle.

plan A
Mothly - 3,500 NTD/month
24/7 passing, Dedicated desk, fast wifi, a locker, free beverages, scanner and printer .

10% off  (more than 6 months)  

plan B
Mothly - 2,500 NTD/ 30 days
24/7 passing, Hot desk, fast wifi, free beverages, scanner and printer.

We will arrange an interview to evaluate your application

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Creative Project

Are you thinking about launching a design project? Is your company seeking to work with talented designers, curators and consultants? With our help we can enable your project to become outstanding.

our credit

2015 - Alissa+Nienke - ceramic cups
2015 -  Alexander Peli - plastic stool

2016 -  Teun Fleskens - bee hotel

2016 - Exploring Tainan Craft - Lilian van Stekelenburg
2016 - Exploring Tainan Craft - Gerard Jasperse
2017 - Fuji Rd. Rock the Creatives Festival
2018 -  Hello Alien: Creative Exhibition
2020 - La Niennale di Fuji RD.
2021 - La Niennale di Fuji RD. - RESTRICTIONS

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Captain Program

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